How Britney And Justin’s Sweet First Kiss Happened, According To Lifetime

‘Britney Ever After’ reimagines the power couple’s big moment

Britney Spears's first kiss was with Justin Timberlake, and now fans can see what that milestone might've looked like thanks to Britney Ever After. In a new teaser for Lifetime's unauthorized biopic, the future prince and princess of pop music kiss away their homesickness.

"We were both homesick when we did MMC [The Mickey Mouse Club] too, remember?" baby Justin (Nathan Keyes) consoles baby Brit (Natasha Bassett) outside what appears to be their tour bus. "We were so small-town, we didn't know anything about anything, I mean, like, nada ... This is gonna be hella fun, too."

"Hella" was the adjective of choice circa 2000, so at least this TV movie has the lingo down pat. See the cheesy but sweet moment go down in the clip below.

Britney Ever After premieres on Lifetime on February 18 at 8 p.m. ET.