This Lost 'Labyrinth' Interview With David Bowie Is (Dance) Magic

Um, you DO have power over me, David.

Jim Henson's "Labyrinth" is a film that shaped many of our childhoods (and, perhaps, marked the start of our collective sexual awakening?). But 30 years ago, when David Bowie announced that he was appearing in a children's movie to an MTV interviewer backstage at Live Aid, the response was laughter.

That's right -- someone laughed at the Goblin King.


Bowie and Thomas Dolby -- known for his song "She Blinded Me With Science" and his current position as Music Director for the TED Conference -- had been rehearsing for their performance at 1985's charity benefit concert Live Aid for a few grueling days when the interview took place.

"Dave's been up at six every morning doing his film and so, by the time we got to the end of the day..." Dolby said, simultaneously highlighting Bowie's work ethic and making me jealous that he was allowed to call my childhood-and-always crush by the diminutive.

"We were all pretty tired," Bowie added. "I'm doing another [film] called 'Labyrinth' -- it's a George Lucas, Jim Hensen movie. And it's a children's movie. And it's pretty and..."

Cue the skeptical laughter. Well, Jareth would show them all, wouldn't he?


Bowie also chats a bit about how he and Mick Jagger filmed their marathon -- and iconic -- music video for "Dancing In The Street," which was played at Live Aid in lieu of a duet, as Bowie was in London and Jagger was in Philly.

This is a very exciting, historical moment that the cameras have caught here, but I'm still hung up on the fact that someone LAUGHED at the greatest movie of all time. Well, there's no accounting for taste -- it was the '80s, after all.


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