5 Juicy Tidbits We Learned About Miley Cyrus' Next Album From Her 'Paper' Interview

She's recording it in her garage.

We've been waiting patiently for Miley Cyrus' follow-up to 2013's Bangerz with puppies in hand, pasties on chest and glitter on our faces. At least I have. And in Miley's Paper cover story -- yes, the one where she did naked gymnastics with mud smeared all over her -- she's telling us how she's making her new, sweet tunes.

Here are some things we learned about her next album from her Paper interview:

She's only listening to The Flaming Lips.

Miley Cyrus

There's no doubt that the Flaming Lips have influenced Miley. Not only is she BFFs with lead singer Wayne Coyne, but they're musical collaborators too. "She says she's been listening to the Flaming Lips 'almost exclusively,'" the interview reads. She told the mag that Coyne's "the most closest fucking human in my life." Together, they released covers of the Beatles' "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds" and "A Day In The Life," and performed their song "Tiger Dreams." They supposedly recorded a whole album together. And they have matching tattoos.

She's recording it in her garage.

Paola Kudacki / Paper Magazine


"I don't have to have writers, I don't have to have f--kin' producers in there," Miley told Paper. Instead, Miley retreats to her garage and works in solitude, according to the mag.

Mike Will Made It is providing beats.

Kevin Mazur / Getty Images


It's as simple as one text message, but her Bangerz producer is sending her stuff to work on in that garage studio. "Mike Will will text me a beat, and I'll go in my studio and work on it by myself," she told the magazine.

She's also been listening to Gucci Mane and Waylon Jennings.


It's no surprise that Paper said she's been listening to Gucci Mane -- Miley's loved the incarcerated rapper for a long time. She has admitted that Gucci is her favorite rapper. As for Waylon Jennings, father Billy Ray has said that he basically raised her on the country legend... along with Johnny Cash. We'll see how that meshes together...

Her camp is concerned about how wacky it'll be.

Paola Kudacki / Paper Magazine


"They're like, 'Don't make it too weird, don't make it avant-garde; you can't go from Miley to Björk!'" she said. Although, if avant-garde is Miley's new thing, you'll know she'll put her all into it.

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