Under Suspicion: Who Deserves The Most Side Eye On 'Scream'?

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"Trust nothing. Trust us."

Those four words -- the tagline for Season 2 of MTV's Scream -- are already ringing true after just two episodes of the horror series' latest installment: This week, we started getting super-suspicious of a few Lakewood residents thanks to their deceptive actions and questionable motives.

But who deserves the most side eye? From some brand-new faces to a couple of always-deceitful old ones (looking at you, Mayor Maddox), here are the least trustworthy people in town. Check 'em out, then take our poll and vote for who you think is the most suspect -- and be sure to catch an all-new Scream Monday at 11/10c!


Why we don't trust him: Brooke called him "super-creepy," and that's an understatement: First off, Sheriff Acosta's son drew a ghoulish picture of Emma (see #9 here), then he followed Queen B to Jake's house and stalked watched her from afar. But his biggest offense? That conversation with Noah about horror comic books. "Every issue has a twist...and the dramatic conundrum keeps generating bloodshed," he said. "There's always another issue, and another. Kind of like Lakewood -- the killing never ends." But as far as anyone knows, the killing did end -- Piper and her murder spree are history, and Jake's demise has yet to be discovered. So what's making Stavo think otherwise? Does he know something that we don't?

Miss Lang

Why we don't trust her: We thought it was super-nice when the H.S. psychology teacher offered to help Emma talk through her issues -- until we noticed the beeyatch was secretly recording their conversation. So what are her motives? Why is she really trying to bond with Em? And, since we're asking questions about teachers, let's bring up the most important one of all: Whatever happened to that sexy beast dedicated educator Mr. Branson?

Mayor Maddox

Why we don't trust him: Brooke's dad and The Jake weren't exactly tight (blame it on the extortion) -- in fact, this week, Mayor Maddox seemed gutted (but not the Sheriff Hudson/Jake kind of gutted) when he found out his daughter was dating the high-school-student-turned-criminal. So why, then, was the parental unit texting and calling Jake earlier in the episode? It sure isn't the first time Mr. Maddox seemed shady: Hell, last season, he got caught carrying around a dead body.

Aunt Tina

Why we don't trust her: Talk about less-than-honorable intentions -- Kieran's closest relative freely admitted the reason she didn't mind becoming his legal guardian after the unfortunate disembowelment death of Sheriff Hudson: As she told her nephew, "That stipend I got paid my bills." If that's not bad enough, her selfishness has apparently rubbed off on her son...


Why we don't trust him: Tina resigned herself to bringing Kieran back to Atlanta with her and Eli, but the latter had a better idea: They should stay in Lakewood and move in with the K-man. So what prompted Eli's suggestion? Family ties that can't be broken? An unwavering love for his cousin? Not quite. "We live in a crappy one-bedroom apartment with your loser boyfriend," he told his loser mom. "We could stay in this big house rent-free." Plus, that time he randomly showed up at the high school, then started a conversation with Emma in his slightly monotone voice and called her by her name -- all without identifying himself? Just plain weird.


Why we don't trust her: The high school smarty pants agreed to help Emma catch up with her studies but readily admitted that she wants something in return. "This relationship is symbiotic," Zoe told Em. "You may have to do something for me at some point too." Okay, so she's not exactly a giver -- no biggie. But we raised an eyebrow this week when she got kinda pissy just because Emma missed their study session, then mentioned that she'd been through some "pretty painful stuff" and had "lost [her] way" in the past. Anyone wanna bet Zoe has secrets?

Emma's dad

Why we don't trust him: He hightailed it out of town after the Brandon James debacle, but now Maggie's ex has suddenly returned. Why? "I just finally thought I needed to be here for you," he told Emma. Yeah sure, Pops, whatever -- just be sure to watch your back while you're in Lakewood.


Why we don't trust her: Do we really have to list the reasons?

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