Lil' Kim Relives Her VMA Boob Lift: Watch!

On the eve of Sunday's 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, we asked Queen Bee to recall her classic run-in with Diana Ross.

The VMAs have given us so many iconic moments over the years, from the Britney-Madonna-Christina triple-kiss to Beyoncé's baby bump reveal and Kanye West's Taylor Swift stage crash. Memories are made at MTV's signature awards show and Sunday night's 2013 MTV Video Music Awards is sure to live up to the broadcast's storied history.

Before the big show, though, we thought we'd take a trip down mammary lane with Lil' Kim, who will be right at home on Sunday when the show airs live from Brooklyn's Barclays Center at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

No trip to BK is legit unless you visit with Queen Bee, and no VMA look-back is complete without remembering one of the most talked-about incidents in VMA lore.

"Oh my gosh, I already know! You gotta be talking about Diana Ross, right?" said Kim when MTV's Sway caught up with her recently in her hood to talk about the infamous run-in with the music legend.

"I think I was more of like a friendly, 'Oh my god, you look sexy girl, but do you know you have a boob hanging out?'" Kim said of the lift seen-round-the-world. "By the way, if I ever did a movie of my life I would get her to play my mom."

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In case you missed it, or forgot, Ross was co-presenting the Best Hip-Hop Video award with Kim at the 1999 show. Kim, wearing a purple wig and matching pantsuit that left one of her breasts exposed, covered just by a shell-shaped pasty, was surprised when Ross placed her hand under the breast and gave it a little jiggle.

"I'm super-excited [about the VMAs being in Brooklyn]," said Kim. "I think that's huge for Brooklyn. That's huge for the Barclays Center."

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