If You Don’t Like Justin Bieber’s New Single, He Will Punch Himself In The Face — Repeatedly

Not really. But he did say that, so...

Over the summer, Justin Bieber's Instagram page was bursting with celeb cameos -- everyone from Tori Kelly (predictable) to Alec Baldwin (utterly random) -- all counting down the days until his big comeback single, "What Do You Mean," dropped at the end of August.

Musical friends like Ed Sheeran and Fifth Harmony performed cute impromptu songs like this:

Altogether, 77 famous folks rallied to help build the hype. It was, all around, a very coordinated, very fun countdown that got us legitimately excited for the song (which also got even more excited once it dropped, because it's quite good).

All that said, what the heck is Justin doing on Instagram now that his forthcoming album, Purpose, is mere weeks away from its Nov. 13 release? It's like the dude went on a carefree posting spree, an oddly centralized guerrilla marketing campaign on his own page or something.

Case in point: A post from earlier this week...

...featuring Bieber's apparent thoughts regarding his new single, "Sorry," which he's teased twice this week in advance of its Friday release. Clearly this Insta is meant for the LOLs, and I did indeed LOL upon first seeing it. But still. Compared to the orderly, expertly executed "What Do You Mean" countdown, this one seems kinda crazy.

But quite entertaining. And that's probably the point. Here are Justin's other oddball masterpieces from said Purpose rollout this week (and what he was thinking when he posted them, probably):

"I Really Hope People Like This One"

"This Is My Luxurious Netflix And Chill Album"

"This Is Also My Good-Times-All-Around Album"

"Please Don't Laugh At My Artistic Work"

"JK You Can Laugh If You Want To"

"Like It Or Don't, IDGAF Anymore"

"Yes I Can Be A Bit Devilish At Times"

"But Mostly I'm Just Like You"

Needless to say, we're pumped for Nov. 13, and not just for Purpose -- if ya know what I'm sayin'.

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