The Gloves Are Off: These Are The Biggest MTV Fights Of 2015

There's some tension up in here.

The old saying states that "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all" -- but a few MTV folks apparently didn't get that memo and wound up with their claws out.

From humorous declarations in the heat of the moment to screaming matches, viewers got an array of some unforgettable spats on this very network. And as 2015 winds down, we're taking a look back at all of the memorable fights that transpired on the small screen and had us gawking at our TVs. Let's get ready to rumble...

Stiles vs. Scott from "Teen Wolf"

How dare Theo drive a wedge between the Beacon Hills buddies. The root of the emotional rainy altercation: Scott telling Stiles to turn himself in to authorities (aka his dad, Sheriff Stilinski) for offing chimera Donovan. But how did Scott reach this troubling and false conclusion? The True Alpha believed the lone sleazy lycanthrope's claim that the super sleuth killed the chimera (but it was really self-defense and no murder was committed). Just please fix this, guys.

Farrah vs. Maci from "Teen Mom OG"

The young mothers rarely interact with one another on the long-running docu-series (save for reunions and certain specials). But the on-stage pleasantries which viewers were used to seeing went right out the window when Maci and Farrah were in New York for a press tour -- and cameras rolled during a tense conversation instigated by Sophia's mom. The cause of the fiery feud: Farrah saw footage of Maci quitting the series -- all because the entrepreneur was coming back to the program mid-season after not being featured during the initial episodes.

Matty vs. Jake from "Awkward"

Hooking up with your best friend's girlfriend is a major violation of guy code -- but if it wasn't for that steamy Spring Break sesh, we never would have heard the Palos Hills Golden Boy hilariously declare, "I'm Matty f**king McKibben." So thanks, Jake?

Piper vs. Emma and Audrey from "Scream"

The Lakewood killer met her demise when she faced off against the resident nice girl (also her HALF SISTER) and the high school detective (who may actually be an accomplice to all of the murders!?) on a secluded pier in the middle of the night. Regardless of Audrey's possible shady status, she saved Em and killed Pipes (RIP?).

Sarah vs. Johnny Bananas from "Battle of the Exes 2"

The five-time champ thought that the "Real World: Brooklyn" alum had his back during the cutthroat competition -- but all of that trust disintegrated into smithereens when she threw him and his partner Nany into the last elimination round before the final. And the vet certainly felt the sting. “They executed arguably the most calculated, callous and heartless move ever,” Bananas declared. Game. On.

Karma vs. Amy from "Faking It"

Posing as faux lesbians spawned lots of feels and confusion for the Hester High gals -- but their unique bond hit a very tough snag when Amy decided she needed to leave town for the summer in order to get over Karma. What ensued was a tearful, honest exchange between the two -- and uncertainty about what the future holds for Karmy.

Hundra vs. Nev and Machine Gun Kelly from "Catfish"

For the very first time on the online fraud-themed program, a pretend victim used the show for her own selfish purposes and to promote a separate agenda. The bizarre details: Hundra orchestrated her own scenario in order to come out in grand style on TV. And understandably, Nev and guest host Machine Gun Kelly were absolutely perplexed and rightfully upset that their time was wasted uncovering a non-mystery.

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