Bloody-Thumbed Paula Abdul Fights Back Against Fungus

'Idol' judge says her thumb was covered with a foul-smelling, green-and-yellow substance.

Paula Abdul: "American Idol" judge. MC Skat Kat's love interest. Foe of fungus.

Abdul says she suffered a fungal infection on her hand as a result of coming into contact with unsanitary manicure tools at a Studio City, California, nail salon last year. Treating it took a year's worth of hospital visits, local anesthetic shots, prescription medication used to eliminate parasites, and enduring jabs about her condition on late-night television.

But now Abdul is fighting back.

She testified in front of the California Senate Business and Professions Committee on Monday to lobby for legislation that would establish safety standards for manicure and pedicure equipment, as well as rewrite state regulations mandating that nail salons follow sanitary practices, according to The Associated Press.

"What I saw fly out of my thumb was a green-and-yellow, thick substance that smelled foul. And then blood, blood, blood," Abdul said. "Being a professional dancer, I'm no stranger to pain, but this time the pain was so excruciating that even my hair touching my thumb caused me to scream."

If passed in committee, the bill will likely come before the full Senate in the next two weeks.

"I was publicly humiliated," Abdul said in her closing testimony. "That is why, with an open heart and a selfless agenda, I implore you to pass this bill."