Ten Years Later, Katy Perry Regrets The ‘Stereotypes’ In ‘I Kissed A Girl’

'Bisexuality wasn't as talked about back then'

It’s been 10 years since Katy Perry broke big with her first No. 1 hit, “I Kissed a Girl,” and I think we can all agree the single hasn’t aged very well. With lyrics that claim kissing members of the same sex is “not what good girls do” and “not how they should behave,” it’s been (reasonably) called out for trivializing bisexuality. Now, Perry herself is admitting the song has “a couple of stereotypes.”

The 33-year-old covers Glamour’s March issue, and in a video accompanying the mag’s cover story, Perry revisited some of her biggest singles while watching fan covers on YouTube.

“That was in 2008 when it came out,” she said about “I Kissed a Girl.” “I think we've really changed, conversationally, in the past 10 years. We've come a long way. Bisexuality wasn't as talked about back then, or any type of fluidity.”

She continued, “If I had to write that song again, I probably would make an edit on it. Lyrically, it has a couple of stereotypes in it. Your mind changes so much in 10 years, and you grow so much. What's true for you can evolve.”

Perry didn’t specify which lyrics she’d tweak, but we’re betting on the couplets, “I kissed a girl just to try it / I hope my boyfriend don't mind it” and, “It's not what good girls do / Not how they should behave.”

No word on whether or not Perry feels as remorseful about the shockingly tone-deaf “Ur So Gay,” but here’s hoping she’d right that wrong as well, if given the chance.

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