'Sex And The City 2' Stars Pick Their Favorite Boyfriends Of All Time

Some of their obscure choices might surprise even hard-core 'SATC' fans.

Over the years, there have been many memorable men in the lives of the four women on "Sex and the City." There have been husbands and bad first dates, heartbreakers and one-night stands -- and then there are the men who left an impression on the four women who play Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda.

Cynthia Nixon said now-husband Steve is her choice for Miranda's best boyfriend of all time. "Of course, David Eigenberg is the favorite boyfriend," she told MTV News. "But perhaps because he's my husband, he doesn't count." Her next favorite is a fan favorite. "So I would say Dr. Robert. I would say Blair Underwood."

For Kristin Davis, who plays the slightly prudish Charlotte, her top contender had to be Hollywood playboy Wylie Ford, who showed up in season two to bring her along for one fast-paced ride. "Brian Van Holt," she said, picking the "Cougar Town" actor as her fave. "Do I have to say why?"

Leave it to Kim Cattrall to have the wildest choice for her top "SATC" boy toy. We'll just let her explain. "Bobby Cannavale [in season three]. I thought he was great. I think he's a good actor, and he was so much fun to play with, and he was up for it," she dished. "We did the 'funky sp---' episode together, which is a tough one, because it could have gone terribly wrong."

While [article id="1639921"]Aidan and Mr. Big[/article] are the fans' favorites for Carrie's men, Sarah Jessica Parker opted for politician Bill Kelley from season three. "John Slattery," she said without missing a beat.

Who is your favorite "SATC" boyfriend? Tell us in the comments!

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