Watch Andy Samberg Do Painful Yoga In His 'Saturday Night Live' Promos

Stretch that funny bone.

Before we jump into the pile of glee that is Andy Samberg making a triumphant return to "Saturday Night Live" and roll around in it until our rolling around bones hurt, we need to get just one thing out of the way: Samberg and current "SNL" cast member Kenan Thompson are having way more fun than you.

If you're like, "nah, maybe I had a more fun day than those guys," just stop. Stop. Watch these promos for this weekend's season finale of "SNL" and then say you're sorry for doubting that anyone ever had more fun than these two.

The newly released promos for Samberg's May 17 hosting gig are a blast and a half. He and Thompson are clearly bros, and of course Samberg is old hat at the weekly sketch show.

It's a refreshing change from the barely masked terror we get from some hosts in the weekly promos. Samberg and Thompson do all of the following in the few minutes of preview time we have for this weekend's ep (which, fingers crossed, will bring us new Lonely Island tracks and, you know, laughs aplenty): Yoga. Hugging. Frolicking. Gardening. Graphics-based humor.

The promo reel also includes the greatest use of a fart sound effect in recent history.

Check out the promo reel above, and tune in to Samberg hosting "SNL" at 11:30 p.m. May 17. St. Vincent is the musical guest.

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