We Counted Every Bro, 'I' And Question In Kanye West's Epic Vanguard Speech

Do you even remember what life was like before Yeezy's speech?

Say what you want about Kanye West, but you can't say 'Ye isn't passionate about things like artistry, politics and fresh squeezed juices.

The always-candid entertainer accepted his Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at last night's VMAs in true Yeezy style. Not only did he announce his plans to run for president in 2020, but he also got real about creativity, the smoke and mirrors of fame and his "beef" with America's sweetheart Taylor Swift.

If you don't have 13 minutes to spare today to watch Kanye's mind-bending speech, don't worry. We've rounded up every fact you need to know about Yezzy's impassioned sermon below:

Number of "bros" spoken: 10

Kanye West - Bros

Listen to the kids, bro!

Number of minutes onstage: 13:04


Who needs a career-defining performance when you give a speech this perfect?

Number of minutes of silence: 1:48


Some might say he was gathering his thoughts, but he was really trying to make a ~dramatic~ statement.

Number of questions raised: 11

Kanye West questions

Kanye is the voice of our generation! A modern-day John Locke! He's on a different level, bro.

Number of #KanyeForPresident hashtags tweeted: 48,966


Kanye West President

Surprisingly, it was Big Sean who predicted his mentor's presidential run way back in 2012.

Number of times Kanye referred to himself: 39

Kanye West

He had a lot to get off his chest, OK?! Yeezus.

Number of people who can actually sit in Dodger's Stadium: 56,000

Kanye Speech

Despite Kanye's claim that 60,000 people booed him at a Dodger's game in LA, only 56,000 people can actually sit in the stadium. Next time you need a fact checker, 'Ye -- call us!

Years from which Millennials were actually born: 1980-2000



Sorry Yeezy, but you're technically a Gen Xer, not a Millennial.

Number of minutes before his speech was already on a t-shirt: ~2



And now, you can even buy a "Kanye 2020" t-shirt. You know, if you want. (You definitely want.)

Number of times Taylor Swift looked amused AF: 6

Kanye and Taylor

Kanye's speech started as a long-winded, yet poignant apology to Taylor Swift, but more than 11 minutes later, it ended with a presidential announcement. We can understand why Taylor looked so amused during 'Ye's speech. It was kinda like the best apology in the history of apologies -- and that's a straight-up fact. (Well, that, and the fact that she was standing arm in arm with Kim Kardashian.)

Number of awards won: 89

Kanye and Taylor

Sure, Kanye doesn't understand award shows. But that doesn't negate the fact the rapper has taken home 89 accolades for his work. Then again, with 352 nominations under his belt, we can see why 'Ye sometimes gets frustrated.

Number of fresh squeezed juice places in Los Angeles: ∞



Kanye and bb Nori have plenty of options when it comes to juice hot spots in El Lay.

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