'Batman Eternal #42' Post-Game: How Harper Row Made Her Big Choice

Writer Kyle Higgins breaks down all the big events in "Batman Eternal #42."

Each week, MTV News is breaking down the big moments in DC Comics' "Batman Eternal," the weekly series that is redefining Gotham City as we know it.

This week, we talked to writer Kyle Higgins about Harper's big choice, Spoiler's big downfall, and what's coming next.

MTV News: There’s a lot of fun bits in here with Harper screwing up the typical hero stuff – leaping roofs, mixing up pouches. Did you have a list you culled from, or were those the only two choices?

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Kyle Higgins: Ha. No, no list. Just different things I was thinking about with regards to natural missteps a first-time-hero might make. Especially with something as complex as a Bat utility belt.

MTV: Going over to Spoiler, why does Stephanie trust her mom, after all she’s done?

Higgins: I think it’s more she wants to trust her mom, than anything. I think our natural tendency is to look for the best in the people we love—we want to believe them. We want to give them second, third, fourth chances. We want them to love us and care about us beyond all else.

MTV: Harper manages to beat Mad Hatter by appealing to his vanity… Is that a move anyone else in the Bat-family could have pulled off?

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Higgins: Harper has a freshness about her, which is what makes her so much fun to write. She’s not used to this world, and the way villains operate. She’s also pretty frank in her dealings with people. So, going after the Hatter’s obvious weakness… I don’t know that any of the other Bat family members wouldn’t have been able to do it, but I’m not sure it’d be their first reaction.

MTV: With the nano-tech off the table, Gotham is finally safe, right? Right???

Higgins: Yes! Exactly! (ducks the falling debris)

MTV: Talk about the motivation behind Harper’s speech to Red Robin on the rooftops… What was it like to write this scene?

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Higgins: I wanted to make her choice of heading down this path her choice. I wanted her to take control and own it. Honestly, this was my favorite scene to write in the book. I think any time a character can take charge of their life and stand up for themselves, that’s pretty great. Plus, she gets in a pretty good Mad Hatter zinger on Tim.

MTV: And that cliffhanger, with Catwoman capturing Stephanie. We’re finally catching up to that flash-forward issue from “Batman,” so what was it like filling in those blanks?

Higgins: I give a lot of credit to James Tynion, for keeping all this stuff straight. I knew the beats I needed to hit with Catwoman, Spoiler, and her mom, but he still left me room to play. So, yes, catching up to the flash-forward in Batman 28 very soon!

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