Doug Jones Eyes Elven King Role For 'The Hobbit'

And we wouldn't dare go against any of these desires. Except, well, there's one tiny thing more Doug Jones also wants you to know:

"There's been lots of speculation. I wouldn't want to ruin anything. Guillermo creates things with me in mind and he's got a better image of what I can do than I do," the man otherwise known as the Silver Surfer and Abe Sapien told MTV News, a wicked and knowing smile across his face. "However, there might be an elf king, father of Legolas kind of character that I would love."

That would be King Thranduil, king of the Silvan elves in the northern part of Mirkwood, where Bilbo and his company of dwarves spent a large portion of their time towards the end of the novel. Known simply as the ElvenKing throughout "The Hobbit," Thranduil gets into it pretty fiercely with Thorin over the Arkenstone, a fight that isn't resolved until, well, until his son Legolas and Gloin's son Gimli become friends during the events of "Lord of the Rings."

Last year, we explored the possibility of Legolas appearing in "The Hobbit" with Orlando Bloom.

But for now Doug Jones wants you to know just one more thing.

"Guillermo definitely needs to make 'The Hobbit,' and he needs to make it right. So I want him to take his time on that," Jones said. "But I also want him to bring me in on it. Are you listening Guillermo?"

We're sure he is. But what about you? Is this an admission? Would Doug Jones as King Thranduil be inspired casting or what? And if not him, who would you like to see for the role? Sound off on your thoughts below.

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