Here's The Best 'Zoolander 2' News You Can Possibly Imagine

This is definitely not a casting announcement for ants.

Graduating high school... Getting married... Having your first child... Nothing can compare to the news Ben Stiller just dropped on Instagram about "Zoolander 2." Here, we'll let you experience it for yourself. Come back below once you're done screaming with joy.

That's right: Billy "I Was In 'Titanic,' Remember?" Zane is back for the fashion/comedy sequel, meaning all of our dreams are slowly coming true. In case you don't remember all the way back to 2001, Zane appeared in a running joke -- that he may or may not have been in on -- as himself. Now, it looks like he's teaming up with Hansel and Derek again, and our lives are finally complete.

"Zoolander 2" has continued to dish out the surprises, including even its mere existence... Teased for years, Stiller and co-star Owen Wilson finally revealed that it was truly, actually happening during Paris Fashion Week; and since then, the news has been coming faster and more furious than Vin Diesel in a hot-rod.

But even with all those confirmations, we still can't get Stiller to 'fess up whether Kanye is in it or not:

Oh well, guess we'll have to wait for his next Instagram post...

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