T-Pain Has Tribute To Late Rapper Dolla Painted On His Car

Singer posts a picture of his airbrushed '72 Chevy Chevelle on Twitter.

[artist id="1998098"]T-Pain[/artist] is still giving out love to [article id="1611728"]his late friend Dolla[/article]. The singer recently paid homage to the slain rapper by having a mural of [artist id="1673341"]Dolla[/artist] painted on the hood of his vintage car.

"Showin my respects for my dog R.I.P. on the 72 Chevy Chevelle," Pain posted Monday on Twitter. Pain told us last week that he and Dolla -- a former labelmate on Jive Records and collaborator on the song "Who the F--- Is That?" -- had become great buddies.

"Man," Pain said on the phone about Dolla's murder. "It happens every day. It don't take nothing but time before it happens to someone you know. We had problems when I first got signed. [But] then we worked it out, and after that we was the [article id="1612173"]best of friends[/article]. ... It kind of sucks. And we just got our friendship straightened out, then all of this had to happen."

Dolla (born Roderick Anthony Burton II) was [article id="1611675"]fatally shot[/article] while waiting in the valet area of the upscale Beverly Center mall in Los Angeles on May 18. According to a spokesperson for his family, he split time between living in his native Atlanta and Los Angeles. Dolla was in L.A. to record his debut album and attend his girlfriend's birthday party. He was only 21 years old at the time of his death.

The rapper's accused murderer, [article id="1611853"]Aubrey Louis Berry[/article], claims self-defense in the shooting, allegations Dolla's family has refuted.

Dolla was laid to rest over Memorial Day weekend in Georgia.