Henry Cavill Teases Superman’s Dark New Look In 'Justice League' Movie

But what does it mean?

What is dead may never die — at least when it comes to Superman.

When director Zack Snyder debuted the Justice League teaser trailer at San Diego Comic-Con in July, one important superhero was notably absent: Superman. Of course that's because Doomsday killed Clark Kent at the end of Batman V Superman — but you can't keep a good Kryptonian down. On Monday night, actor Henry Cavill teased Superman's return on Instagram, posting a close-up shot of what appeared to be the all-black Superman suit he will most likely don upon his return in the Justice League movie.

The obvious reason for Superman's new look lies in the superhero's comic book mythology. In the famous '90s comic book arc The Death of Superman, after getting "offed" by Doomsday, the Kryptonian superhero rose from the dead wearing an all-black suit, complete with a shiny chrome House of El coat of arms. He also returned severely weakened. In fact, he wore the all-black suit until he returned to his normal strongman status.

So it's entirely possible that Superman will return slightly weaker in Justice League, which might be an issue for the superhero team if they want to defeat the mighty Steppenwolf. Or, knowing Snyder, this could be our introduction to the Dark Superman arc from the Darkseid comics, which featured a more sinister version of Kal-El who returned from the dead as the demon Brutaal. (That would seem to corroborate Bruce Wayne's visions of a violent Superman in Batman V Superman.)

Of course, it's also possible that Cavill just really likes that Black & White filter on Instagram.

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