See Lauren Conrad's 'First Haircut In Years'

How long do you go in between haircuts? I'm a every couple of months type of girl. Lauren Conrad, though? She's an every couple of years lady. Yeah, you read that right–she goes years between cuts. And guess what, y'all? You're witnesses to a rare occurrence: LC just got a haircut.

Lauren posted a photo to her Instagram with the casual, NBD caption, "Got my first haircut in years." Years, Lauren? YEARS?! While her hair length may vary from time to time, that's all thanks to extensions. In fact, she told People that her biggest regret re: her hair was "chopping it off." She elaborated, "My hair won’t grow — my hair has not gone past this length since I cut it seven years ago to my shoulders. I’ve tried vitamins, I’ve tried everything. It just won’t!"

Well, I guess the vitamins finally took. While we're (very eagerly) awaiting 360º pics, we gather that the new 'do is shoulder-length, choppy, and as perfectly wavy as ever.

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Now please excuse me as I look at photos of Lauren's hair through the years and find inspiration for my next cut.

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