Birdman Gives Tyga An Ultimatum After Dissing Drake: 'Either You In, Or You Out'

"I'm not with the dissing, I'm not with none of that sh--," Birdman says.

Tyga has made it very clear that when it comes to Drake and Nicki Minaj, he's usually singing along to the tune of Big Sean's "IDFWU."

After T-Raww aired out his issues with YMCMB on Twitter, called Drake "fake" in a Vibe interview and maybe dissed him again on "Make it Work," Birdman has finally weighed in on the status of his camp.

Baby visited New York City's Hot 97 radio station on Monday night, to promote his upcoming Rich Gang project and admitted that he still hasn't figured out the exact source of Tyga's discontent.

"I didn't see that coming and still I haven't gotten to the bottom of none of that," he told DJ Funk Master Flex. "I talk to Drake all the time, we always talk and I don't really know what's happening with all that."

The Cash Money CEO says that things are still fine between him and Tyga -- "Tyga the homie, I don't have no disrespect for Tyga" -- but with that said, he sort of hinted that jealously might be in play here.

"He might be in his feelings," he said. "And I got all love and respect for Tyga, that's been my lil' bro, but my intake is, I'm family oriented -- either you in or you out. If you're out, you're an outcast to me. If you're in, you're family."

He added that Tyga can't touch Drake musically, and that's indisputable. "Drake is Drake, there's really no comparison," he said. "He's in a lane by himself when it comes to making music, you can't compare nobody to what he do, because nobody do what he does.

"Me knowing Tyga -- Tyga know where he stand in this game compared to Drake, that ain't no secret. Numbers don't lie."

Birdman didn't give a final ruling on whether Tyga would actually be dropped from Young Money, but he left it at this: "I'm not with the dissing, I'm not with none of that sh--."

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