Brittany Murphy's Last Morning Outlined In Coroner's Notes

Actress reportedly experienced shortness of breath and severe abdominal pain for days before her death.

Although a conclusive determination of [article id="1628688"]Brittany Murphy's cause of death has been deferred[/article] for now, details about the morning of [article id="1628612"]her death on Sunday[/article] have begun to emerge. According to notes written by a Los Angeles County Coroner's office investigator, Murphy's mother and husband frantically tried to save the actress before she died.

In notes reportedly obtained by TMZ, Investigator Blacklock noted that Murphy, 32, "had been complaining of shortness of breath and severe abdominal pain" in the seven to 10 days leading up to her death. Other reports had said she'd been experiencing flu-like symptoms in the days before her passing.

The notes go on to say that Murphy then went into the bathroom at around 7:30 a.m. on Sunday. Her mother, Sharon Murphy, went to check on her about half an hour later and discovered Murphy "lying on the floor unresponsive." The investigator also wrote that she called for help, prompting Murphy's husband, Simon Monjack, to come see what the problem was.

While her mother called 911, Monjack "attempted to revive the decedent by placing her in the shower and running the water. ... The decedent remained unresponsive and purged her stomach contents prior to the arrival of the paramedics," according to notes.

By the time the paramedics arrived, she was "without signs of life." She was then moved to the master bedroom where several prescription drugs were found, some prescribed to Murphy, others prescribed to her husband or mother. TMZ reports that antidepressants, anti-anxiety medication, painkillers, an anti-infammatory, an antibiotic, hypertension medication, a drug to treat diabetes and one to prevent seizures or migraines are listed in the notes.

"No alcohol containers, paraphernalia or illegal drugs were discovered," the notes reportedly say. "The night prior to her death, the decedent had consumed some noodles, leftover Thai food, Gatorade, water and tea with lemon."

According to her husband, who spoke to the investigator, he didn't think much of the pain she suffered in the days leading up to her death since, "she often suffered from severe menstrual pains."

TMZ also reported that Murphy left a will, drafted before she married Monjack, that bequeaths her estate to her mother. There was no information on whether her will had been updated since her marriage.