No, Jaden Smith, You Cannot Become Doctor Strange

Don’t dedicate the rest of your life to a fictional Marvel character, bud

Have you ever walked out of a movie and felt thoroughly changed by the cinematic achievement that just rocked your world? If so, Jaden Smith totally gets you, as he’s freaking out about Doctor Strange.

After catching a screening of the latest Marvel epic, Smith tweeted that he was “completely blown away” by the film — and then some.

What exactly he means by dedicating the rest of his life to “those practices” remains to be seen — does Jaden want to full-on enroll in sorcerer school, or join the Marvel universe, or what? — but it’s kind of fun thinking about the possibilities here.

Maybe he’s just inspired by Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance, or the benevolent traits of his character. Either way, Smith was moved, and no one can fault the dude for appreciating art and action so intensely.

Doctor Strange hits theaters today (November 4); if you head out to see it this weekend, definitely don’t leave your seat before the credits roll.

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