Nicki Minaj Raps About Why You Shouldn't Have Sex With Brokies On New Song

Minaj also announces upcoming tour with Future

If you listen faintly enough, you might hear the collective whimpers of broke bois across the nation realizing their time is up. Nicki Minaj's new song "Rich Sex" featuring Lil Wayne sees the Queens rapper throwing down the gauntlet. She's had enough of the brokies, triflers, and scrubs — word to TLC.

"It ain't such a thing as broke and handsome," Nicki raps matter-of-factly on the song's pre-chorus. She doubles down on her assessment during the hook "If you let that broke n---- fuck, we tellin' (Rich sex)." Who she is snitching to is never mentioned, but from her decisive delivery it is safe to say it isn't someone you'd want to meet. Lil Wayne shows up to offer the male perspective and compare his sexual escapades to his classic song "Sky's The Limit." It is simultaneously weird and wonderful in the way most Weezy verses are in 2018.

Today (June 11), has been a big one for Nicki Minaj news. The Queen rapper announced that her second single "Bed" featuring Ariana Grande is releasing on Thursday (June 14). Minaj also shared that she is going on the NICKIHNDRXX Tour with Future. North American dates start in September, while international dates begin in February.

Barbie season is finally upon us and Nicki isn't letting off of the gas. Queen is set to release on August 10. Broke men of the world beware.

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