Watch Justin Bieber Try Out His Green Thumb On 'Ellen'

A surprise treat for the Beliebers in the crowd.

Justin Bieber is already a man of many talents, but now he gets to add “gardener” to the list.

The star stopped by for a surprise appearance on Friday night’s episode of “The Ellen Degeneres Show” after Degeneres mentioned she’d had some trouble finding a helping hand to water all the plants she had onstage.

Bieber strolled up equipped with a watering can and a pair of shears, and was greeted with a few well-deserved screams from Beliebers in the crowd who had no idea he’d be there. The camera even caught one girl weeping openly at the sight of her idol.

Unfortunately for the plants, Bieber’s watering can was actually empty, so he and Degeneres fired off some T-shirts into the crowd instead. That didn’t go much better; Bieber ended up shooting a shirt directly into a camera.

A for effort, Justin. At least you've still got the No. 1 song in the U.S.