Drake Parker’s Dad Is ‘Missing’ And He Needs Your Help To Find Him

Walter from ‘Drake & Josh’ has apparently fallen on rough times

It's been nearly 10 years since Drake & Josh ended, and according to a new video posted by Drake Parker (Drake Bell), it seems life hasn't been kind to dad Walter Nichols (Jonathan Goldstein). Walter is now "missing," Drake says in the video before urging anyone in the San Diego area to be on the lookout and alert the authorities if they spy him.

No one — including Josh, Megan, and Drake's mom — has seen the Parker-Nicholas patriarch. The only thing they have to go on is a shady cell phone video of a feral-looking Walter digging in someone's trashcan. I blame meteorologist Bruce Winchell, Walter's nemesis who always wins all the awards and has really great hair, for Walter's downfall — a man can only take so much rejection before he snaps.

It's cool to see Bell and Goldstein continuing the Nickelodeon show's story line, especially since the duo told MTV News earlier this year that they're working on a new project together. This #WheresWalter business seems like a fun bonus for us fans.

Goldstein posted a pic on Instagram of the #WheresWalter logo, captioning, "Brace yourselves." After Bell tweeted the video Thursday night (December 29), fans were quick with the Drake & Josh puns (because this fandom is the best). One person "claims" to have found him, but learned "he doesn't like cumin." After the Cumin Waffle Fiasco of 2005, it's a no-brainer as to why. Check out the video above and get ready for some long overdue shenanigans.

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