Nicki Minaj Accused Of Copying Lil Kim's Style In Willow Smith Video

By Carly Kilroy

Over the weekend Nicki Minaj joined Willow Smith in LA to shoot the visuals for the tween’s single “Fireball,” and while Barbie was thrilled to be a new member of the Smith clan, trouble was brewing on the Internet. When photos from the video set hit the web, angry Lil Kim fans took to Twitter and message boards with claims that Nicki Minaj was copying Kim’s style once again. To validate their outrage, fans pointed to Lil Kim’s 2003 Nylon magazine cover, where she sported an outfit similar to Nicki’s, covered in stuffed animals.

There’s no doubt that Nicki Minaj’s “Fireball” outfit is also draped with cute, plushy critters, but is it really a deliberate jab at Lil’ Kim? Or is it possible that the two are both just Harajuku enthusiasts? Check out the above and below photos and judge for yourself.

The Lil Kim vs. Nicki Minaj beef has been simmering since late 2010 when the two female emcees began to exchange words in a series of interviews. Things reached a boiling point in February, when Lil Kim dropped her Black Friday mixtape with cover art that featured a decapitated Barbie Doll. Things have cooled down a bit since then, but Team Kim vs. Team Minaj haven’t found peace just yet.

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