'Batman Eternal #49' Post-Game: It's Bane Vs. Bat-Plane With Gotham On The Line

Writer Kyle Higgins breaks down all the big events in "Batman Eternal #49."

Each week, MTV News is breaking down the big moments in DC Comics' "Batman Eternal," the weekly series that is redefining Gotham City as we know it.

This week, the heroes fight back, but will they be able to save Gotham in time?

MTV News: This is jumping ahead a bit from the first page, but Bard and Bullock are rushing to save Gordon… But does he even need saving?

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Kyle Higgins: I mean, he IS in a once-again-rioting prison and is totally outnumbered. So, as far as Bard and Bullock are concerned… yeah. He can probably use a hand. Plus, they’re not sure if someone is actively trying to kill Gordon.

MTV: We haven’t really seen Gordon let loose physically like this in… Well, maybe ever. Where is this coming from? Is he letting all his pent up frustration out on Penguin?

Higgins: Gordon’s a survivor. You don’t operate in the cities and situations he’s been in over the years without having a certain amount of grit to you. And in this instance, he’s really up against it. It’s his life on the line. So yeah, he’s going to cut loose a bit. And is there a pent up aspect, having been imprisoned for all this time? Yeah, probably.

MTV: Gordon is going to interrogate Penguin, but as far as the uber-bad goes Oswald doesn’t know much more than James, right?

Higgins: Right.

MTV: It’s clear that they do by the end of the issue, but the Batfamily is pretty capable… Why are they depending on the Pennyworths so much? Why is their coordination important?

Higgins: I’m not sure it’s so much depending on the Pennyworths as it is, their equipment, weapons, gear, etc were all compromised by Hush. So, the Pennyworths are hopefully the ones that can take control back.

MTV: Hush straight up underestimates Alfred, doesn’t he?

Higgins: Straight, no chaser.

MTV: Also this is Alfred letting go in a way we haven’t seen in a while, too. Is he back to full strength now, or is the fear toxin still a ticking time bomb in his head?

Higgins: Good question!

MTV: There seems to be a hint of sadness from Cluemaster when his daughter abandons him… Is there a part of him that’s repentant?

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Higgins: Even a bad dude like Cluemaster is going to feel a tinge of regret and loss when his daughter rejects him. This moment is really kind of a goodbye for them. And I think they both know it.

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MTV: Bane vs. plane: who wins?

Higgins: Well, it IS a big plane...

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