'The World's End,' But With the Credits From 'Cheers'

"The World's End," the newest Edgar Wright/Simon Pegg creation about a group of friends who attempt to one-up their epic bar crawl from 20 years earlier and instead become mankind's final hope against an alien invasion (everyone nods), comes out in three weeks.

We know what you're thinking: "Time's a-wasting. Where the hell is this movie's hilariously-edited mashup with the opening credits from 'Cheers' on Youtube from the ever-reliable Todd Spence? It would be amazing! You know it, I know it, the rest of the world knows it."

Pipe down! Jeez! It's right here, you guys, embedded above for your amusement, and predictably, Mr. Spence delivers once again. Among other highlights, the bar patrons of 19th Century Boston now have glowing blue eyes and mouths, people's heads sometimes explode out of nowhere, everybody has inexplicable access to modern weaponry, and perhaps most enjoyably, some even enjoyed the movie "Paul," written by Pegg and "The World's End" co-star Nick Frost:

Man, the people at "Cheers" really are just the nicest people, huh? Even when they're protruding fluorescent beams out of their eyes.

"The World's End" debuts on August 23rd.