Britney Spears To Design Clothing For Candie's

Line features skinny jeans, black skirts, motorcycle jackets.

[article id="1632009"]Britney Spears has already appeared in ads[/article] for the Candie's for Kohl's campaign, dancing around in cute little dresses and skimpy bikinis. And now the star is adding clothing designer to her résumé by co-designing her own line of clothing and accessories for Candie's. The line will hit Kohl's stores starting on July 1 and will be available for a limited time. It features skinny jeans, casual striped sweaters, little black skirts and motorcycle jackets.

In an interview with, Spears explains how she came up with the ideas for the line. "First, I met with the Candie's designers and told them what my favorite styles are. Then, we sketched the items together," she explained. "I loved it when I saw the samples for the first time."

So which piece in the collection does Spears like best? "I love the black trench coat. You can wear it over your outfit or as a dress. There's also an amazing studded skirt that's perfect for going out," she said, adding that studs are a big part of her line.

"I used a lot of studs and lace, because I wanted to make the clothes cool and edgy yet girly. I also love jeans, so I had to make sure there were some great pairs in the collection. And I love jewelry so there are a lot of fun pieces," she continued. "There are great necklaces and big earrings."

The line mimics the clothes that the singer loves to wear in her real life. "My personal style is a mix of comfortable and flirty," she said. "I love cute little dresses but I also love comfy sweaters and jeans."

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