Wiz Khalifa Released After Texas Arrest

Well, that was quick.

After a series of truly head-scratching tweets from jail — that even included a selfie! — it looks as though Wiz Khalifa is a free man once more.

Following his arrest at a Texas airport at the discovery of a "green leafy substance" on the rapper during a TSA check, Khalifa took to social media to pass the time while everything was processed. Fans showed their support on Twitter with the use of the hashtag #freetrapwiz.

After being held for several hours — putting his performance at Minnesota's 2014 Soundset festival in jeopardy — the rapper was out of jail (charged with possession of .5 grams of marijuana) and boarding a private jet to get him to his set on time.

"Im on a Pj to Soundest," Khalifa tweeted, "so I obviously can't drop the tape right now but iss def comin out today." The tape Khalifa is referencing is a long-awaited and now oh-so-ironic new project he planned to release today titled 28 Grams. Thank goodness it wasn't titled "Half a Gram," otherwise this whole ordeal would've really been a bit too on-the-nose.

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