Amy Schumer Gets The Opposite Of A Booty Call In This Exclusive Scene From 'Trainwreck'

And LeBron James cares so much!

Everyone knows at this point that dating can be pretty terrible. In fact, by the time you hit your 30s it can become so unbearable that the defensive mechanisms you've built to keep the bad eggs away might actually be hindering your quest for true love.

This is pretty much what's happened to "Trainwreck" main character Amy (Amy Schumer), who deals with a -- gasp! -- actual good guy in the form of Bill Hader's Aaron Conners in this exclusive clip from the film, straight from MTV Movie Awards Takeover week.

Check out the clip below, complete with LeBron James and "Saturday Night Live" star Vanessa Bayer as Schumer's BFF -- then be sure to see "Trainwreck" when the film hits theaters on July 17.

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