Is A New Taylor Swift-Jack Antonoff Collaboration In The Works?

"There's very few people I want to work with forever, and she's one of them," the Bleachers frontman told MTV News.

MANCHESTER, Tennessee -- It was a project that started via text messages and living room recording sessions, so when Jack Antonoff saw his work come to life at Taylor Swift's 1989 tour last week in Charlotte, North Carolina, the Bleachers singer had an absolute meltdown.

The pair linked up on the track "Out Of The Woods" off her 1989 album, which Jack was shocked to see performed in front of thousands of people--all singing every word.

"It's very, completely mind blowing," he told MTV News' Christina Garibaldi before his Bonnaroo set. "Really, like, it was a shock to the system, the power of music."

So, any chance we'll see the two link up on new music in the near future? According to Jack, it's a very likely possibility.

"I love working with her," he said. "There's very few people I want to work with forever, and she's one of them."

In the meantime, one collaboration that's for certain is between him and Charli XCX. The two are embarking on the Charli and Jack Do America Tour, which kicks off July 21 in San Diego, CA.

“I love Jack," Charli exclaimed in their tour announcement video. "I love what he does with pop music, how he makes every song feel like a movie. This tour is gonna be cool and weird and fabulous and I really can’t wait.”

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