Ariana Grande's Sweetener World Tour Will Help Fans Register To Vote

#thankunextgen is the product of her collaboration with nonprofit voter organization Headcount

At concerts, there's often a lot of downtime. So what better way to take advantage of those twiddling thumbs than to, let's say, register to vote? Ariana Grande sees the vision. She partnered with nonprofit organization HeadCount to enable concertgoers to register to vote during the Sweetener World Tour.

The organization, which helps set up voter-registration stations at music events, made the reminder on Twitter yesterday (March 18) to coincide with the date that the tour kicked off in Albany, New York. "Together, we designed #thankunextgen, a program to help Ariana’s fans make their voices heard," the organization tweeted. It made the initial announcement last week. For those already registered to vote and are interested in contributing to the cause, the organization is looking for volunteers on its website to work the booths at these events.

There's good news for fans that attend the concerts and may not be comfortable giving out their information in this kind of public space. Fans are also able to text ARIANA to 40649 and find out details about registering as to vote as well as volunteering and, for those too young to vote, schedule a reminder on their 18th birthday to register.

Grande joins a long list of artists who have partnered with HeadCount to bring voter registration to their tours. Harry Styles, J. ColeTroy Sivan, and Chance The Rapper, have all worked with the nonprofit organization in the past.

The Sweetener World Tour, featuring the endlessly mesmerizing Normani as opening act, is setting up to be legendary. It would be cool to show up at one of the tour dates drinking her new Starbucks drink, the Cloud Macchiato.

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