'Lincoln' Trailer Debut: Watch It Now!

Daniel Day-Lewis embodies the iconic president in nearly two-minute preview of Steven Spielberg's film.

Four score and seven or so minutes ago, Disney unleashed the first full-length trailer for "Lincoln" during a Google+ Hangout. The nearly two-minute preview picks up where the previous brief teaser left off, in that we get to see more of star Daniel Day-Lewis in all his eerie Abraham Lincoln resemblance. It's a role that, as is Day-Lewis' custom, he embodied totally and completely.

Before the trailer debuted, director Steven Spielberg was on hand to introduce it and reminded viewers that the film focuses on a very specific point in the president's life.

"It's really about the content of Lincoln's life, the last four months of his life," he explained. "We treat him as a man, not a monument."

Spielberg has made it clear that this film is not intended to be a typical maudlin biopic, but rather a close examination of what made Lincoln tick as a human being -- not just the revolutionary leader that we all know him to be, including what was really behind his political strategies that led to the Civil War victory and the abolishment of slavery.

It opens with what we saw previously in the teaser and then briefly touches on the challenges and difficulties Lincoln faced in winning support for his beliefs. There are fights in Congress, heated debates with politicians and uphill battles at every corner. The trailer also introduce us to the film's stellar supporting cast of Sally Field, Tommy Lee Jones, David Strathairn and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The focal point is, of course, Day-Lewis as Lincoln, whom we see giving his iconic speeches and fighting to make real change.

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