'It's Like A Ticking Time Bomb': 'Teen Mom OG''s Amber Talks About Her Mental State -- And Her Future With Andrew

In an emotional chat with her therapist, the young mother revealed she fears for her future

Amber has opened up about her mental health struggles throughout the Teen Mom OG season, including an emotional therapy session with Andrew as well as discussing her diagnoses with her fellow MTV moms. But on this week’s intense episode, she had an emotional breakthrough with her therapist.

It all began when Amber spoke with Andrew on the way to see her psychiatrist, whom she said she needed to see more regularly to help get her emotions under control.

“The number one thing I want to change about myself [is] I want to be happier,” she stated in the car. "I think the worst thing that cripples me, though, is my anxiety. The stress causes anxiety. It makes my head spin. It makes me think 24/7… it’s just hard living a life like this.”

Things took a turn when Amber got upset when her boyfriend made a comment about how other people perceive her, and she told him he was difficult to confide in about her anxiety and depression. “It’s like talking to a freaking clown,” she said.

Amber reflected back on the argument later with her therapist, admitting she had been especially “combative,” “enraged” and “irritable” lately. When the doc asked the mom of two if she felt like she was ruining any chance of Andrew helping her, she couldn’t help but agree...and break down into tears.

“It’s just going to get to the point that I’m going to sabotage this relationship, which would be horrible,” she cried. "I just wish that I didn’t get freakin’ triggered so easily. It’s like a ticking time bomb.”

Tune into the Teen Mom OG finale next Monday at 9/8c to see what happens next.

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