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Miley Cyrus Helps Future And Mr. Hudson Sing The Most Depressing Love Song Ever In 'Real And True'

Miley Cyrus, Future, and Mr. Hudson's "Real & True" is the most depressing love song ever

Miley Cyrus, Mr. Hudson, and Future bring the serious #sadz in "Real And True."

Can we all just agree that Miley Cyrus, Mr. Hudson, and Future's epic, set-in-space teaser clip for their upcoming "Real And True" video is probably going to be like watching the power trio reenact "Gravity" with a side of "Apollo 13"? Yeah? GREAT!

And ugh, we know the thought of seeing Miley werquing her best Sandra Bullock is a TOUGH thing to wait for, so to tide us over until the video's Nov. 10 release, Future has just unleashed the entire "Real And True" record.

Oh, and did we mention it's literally the most depressing love song EVER? Prepare for a #feelings onslaught that'll have you crying "Wrecking Ball"-style tears.

Listen to Future's "Real And True" featuring Mr. Hudson and Miley Cyrus after the jump.

Lyrically, "Real & True" also sounds like it's set in space. It might be a slow, vaguely ominous ballad, but it's laced with poignant lyrics. In a bold and clear tone, Miley belts: "When the sun dies and the stars fade from view/ Our love will remain real and true/ Through the distance and cold depths of space/ The radio sings our song/ It’s a love real and true." GAHHHH, don't know if we should cancel JDate, or become a "featured member."

With lyrics like that, one can't help but think that Future might've drawn some inspiration from his soon-to-be wife, Ciara! Or maybe he was just thinking of any excuse to get Miley to twerk in a space suit. Um, not that we hope there's twerking in this seemingly emotional video. C'mon, give us a little more credit -- we are PROFESSIONALS!

+ Listen to Future's "Real And True" featuring Mr. Hudson and Miley Cyrus, and look out for the full video's debut on Sunday, Nov. 10, at 6:55 p.m. ET!

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