Zoe Kravitz Tells 'Teen Vogue' She Doesn't Think She's Cool

She's wrong.

Zoe Kravitz told Teen Vogue that she rejects the idea of being called "cool," but her cover story only reinforces just how actually cool she is. For her first Teen Vogue, she rocks her hair in braids and wears little to no makeup, looking effortlessly beautiful while she talks to her best friend Alexander Wang (yes, that one) about her lack of fashion knowledge.

"People are shocked that I know so little about designers," she told him. "I know the big ones because my grandmother wore them or they’ve been around forever. I know you because you’re my best friend, but I don’t know much about the fashion world except for when I like something, I like it."

Teen Vogue


She's not kidding, either. Wang recalled multiple times Zoe had fooled him into thinking she was sporting designer duds when she was really working with basic household items.

"One time I saw that picture of you and said, 'Oh, my God, Zoe, who made that bag?'" he explained. "And you said, 'Oh, that was a brown paper bag that I rolled up from lunch and threw my wallet in.' It was great. And once I asked, 'Zoe, what are those shoes?' And you said, 'Oh, I cut them because they didn’t fit.'"

We know you hate the word "cool," Zoe, but it takes one cool chick to fool Alexander Wang that your brown paper bag is fresh off the runway.

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