Miley Cyrus A 'Genius'? Find Out How She Won Over French Montana

Montana breaks down to MTV News what you 'don't know about' Miley.

Among the hip-hop heavyweights Miley Cyrus recruited for her October 8 album release, [article id="1713778"]Bangerz[/article], the twerking queen hit the studio with French Montana for a track titled "FU."

On Tuesday, the same day the news broke, French sat down with MTV News and explained how he ended up working with the "Wrecking Ball" singer.

"Oh man, I was in L.A. and she happened to be doing the [article id="1712264"]'Ain't Worried About Nothing' remix[/article] for me and she came by the studio," he recalled. "She was letting me hear her album, which is crazy, and we was going through a couple tracks to see which one I fit on."

He continued, "Then she played the 'FU' one and I fell in love with it. We just went in there, we did it. We did it together. She kind of showed me the ideas of the video, how she wanted to shoot the video and everything. I fell in love with that record. She's a genius."

With nothing really known about the track, French then broke down what inspired the tune. "It's two letters 'F' [and] 'U.' It's about you just got two letters for somebody when you get down to that [point], you got two words for somebody," he teased. "It's just about somebody, when somebody break your heart or something [and] you're in a relationship and it went sour and so you only got two letters for them, 'F' [and] 'U'."

French joins folks like Big Sean, Nelly and Future (as well as pop queen Britney Spears) on the standard issue of the album, as well as Ludacris and Pharrell, who will appear on deluxe issue tracks. And, he thinks he might know why everyone wants to work with the "We Can't Stop" singer these days, even if she can get a bit bossy in the studio.

"Man, I just feel like if you really chill with her and really get to know her she's totally different from what you expect," he said. "She like to have fun; she cool. She's positive and she's a genius with music. A lot of people don't know that about her. She's hands-on with it. I'm in the booth and she's telling me to 'Do it like this, do it like that; I like this, I like that'."

He added that when fans do finally hear "FU," they just might be surprised. "I just feel like it's a great marriage, either way," he said. "Everybody she doing music with, it's a great thing."