Jay-Z Paused His Concert To Tell A 9-Year-Old She Can Be The President

'You can be anything that you want to be in the world'

After praising Colin Kaepernick for GQ and defending Meek Mill in The New York Times, Jay-Z’s latest thoughtful deed happened onstage at his very own concert.

At his 4:44 tour stop in Cleveland on Sunday night (November 19), Jay took a moment to speak to a 9-year-old fan in the crowd. In between songs, he called her closer to the stage and gave her a short but inspiring speech that earned a ton of applause from the crowd.

“You can be anything that you want to be in the world,” Jay told the little girl. “At this very moment, America is way more sexist than they are racist. But you, young lady, you got the potential to be the next president of the United States, you believe that.”

Jay’s “more sexist than racist” comment seemingly refers to the countless accusations of sexual assault and sexual harassment in the entertainment industry. Women have been put through the ringer lately, but Jay — who has two daughters himself — is looking out for the next generation and making their futures seem a little brighter.