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9 Times Seth Meyers Showed The World He’s Ready To Be A Dad

The 'Late Night' host and wife Alexi Ashe are reportedly expecting their first child.

Known husband of Stefon (and, oh yeah, host of NBC's "Late Night") Seth Meyers apparently has some big, rather paternal news. As Us Weekly points out, Meyers is reportedly expecting his first child with wife Alexi Ashe!

This is very exciting news for the TV host/comedian and Ashe, a human rights lawyer. But for real, while I might not have seen this coming directly, it makes total sense given Meyers' knack for being a cool dad-type figure. And that's just about the biggest compliment I can think of.

There are tons of cool dads in pop culture -- Ethan Hawke in pretty much every movie, Phil Dunphy on every episode of "Modern Family" -- but Meyers has proven consistently that he's got what it takes to enter dad mode. Here's how.

Every single interaction with Stefon.


What It Taught Us: Though played up as a legit romance, I always saw Sethfon as one of the world's greatest friendships. But either way, it shows he's down with all sorts of equality, and that's absolutely rad.

...But especially this one.


What It Taught Us: That look, though. Dad-centric.

When he called out a sports journalist for being sexist.

What It Taught Us: Inclusive language is always important, and so is not being a jerk.

When he dressed like the dad of all dads on "Late Night."

What It Taught Us: He's got the aesthetic totally down already.

When he talked about emojis like a grizzled old coot.

What It Taught Us: He's not too old to talk emojis with you, but he likely doesn't have the latest ones installed on his iPhone. AKA perfect dad behavior.

When he talked about teen slang -- like a dad.

What It Taught Us: He's down with it -- but not that down with it. AKA perfect dad behavior.

When he prank-breathalyzed St. Patrick's Day celebrators.


What It Taught Us: He's already got a plan in place for when his son or daughter hits those rambunctious teen years.

When his dad-pun game was absolutely on point.

What It Taught Us: "There are so many Glens in Scotland," he wrote on Instagram earlier this year. "Everyone of them pining after Betty Draper." All. The. Puns.

When he and his wife raised their dog like a child.

What It Taught Us: They're willing to go to dog photography studios to get professional shots of the pup, People reported. So, yeah. They couldn't be more ready to be parents.