Biz Markie Weighs Wrestling Options; Covers Elton John, Teddy Pendergrass

Biz Markie, a.k.a. the Clown Prince of Rap, is currently at work on two albums and a movie -- but says he still has enough time to practice his "atomic knee drop" and "piledriver."

The heavyweight rapper will need to master those wresting moves and more if he's as serious as he claims he is about getting into the ring with other World Championship wrestlers.

Biz is an avid fan of the increasingly popular spectator "sport," and tells the MTV Radio Network that he watches wrestling programs every week and even orders most of the pay-per-view specials.

Now Biz says he's ready to throw his own weight around in WCW action. "I'm trying out for the WCW," Biz explained, "so I think probably in seven or eight months I should be in the WCW wrestling. I just want to be in it because I love it so much, and if I love it something so much, I know I could do it. It's a challenge for me to do."

While unlocking the secrets of the figure four and the sleeper hold, Biz Markie is also busy

cutting a new record, as well as another album of covers that will include his versions of Elton John's "Bennie and the Jets" and Teddy Pendergrass' "Turn Off the Lights."