Is It Finally Time For 'Awkward''s Tamara To Give Up Her Rich-Girl Charade?

The summer’s close to over, and the bill’s getting steep.

Keeping up appearances started innocently enough for Tamara toward the beginning of her summer vacation, but now that sophomore year of college approaches, her fake rich-girl routine might leave her with a bill that’s too steep to ascend.

On tonight’s Awkward episode, Tamara -- who’s made a mockery of her credit limit since enrolling at New York University – yet again assumed the identity of fraudulent Rockefeller. In an attempt to win over new crush Patrick, who’s got more green than a grove, she dished out big money for a brand-new outfit (a complement to her many other fresh additions) to wear to a clam bake thrown by Pat’s privileged friends. Oh, and upon arrivial, she committed to experimental facials with her new beau’s gal pals that cost her nearly 2,000 bones. Put aside from the fact that Tamara already put the entire cost of Sadie’s birthday party on her plastic, and that she’s not actually making any money as an advertising intern at IdeaBin, her new expenses will likely cost her big.


And finances aside, if T doesn’t cop to her financial truth soon – that she’s perfectly middle class – she’ll ruin any shot at a future with Patrick. She’s already lied about having a summer getaway estate in Cape Cod (she doesn’t), fibbed about owning her own Greenwich Village apartment (she lives in NYU dorms) and can’t seem to curb her shopping addiction. At this rate, she’ll be in the red by September, if she’s not there already…

“I don’t know the rules!” Tamara finally admitted to Sadie in confidence. No kidding.

What do you think: Is it finally time for T to give up the charade, or is her lavish alter ego just a bit of harmless summer fun? Share your thoughts, and be sure to tune in to the next Awkward episode Tuesday night at 10/9c!