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How To 'Big Hero 6' Your Life

Be your own style.

Photographs by Colin Douglas Gray and Gavin Alaoen

Remember that hit Bonnie Tyler song, "Holding Out For A Hero"? This holiday season, we're holding out for a different hero: "Big Hero 6." No white horse required. Only a big, white, inflatable personal healthcare assistant. (Hey, Baymax!)

To honor our deep and abiding love for this first Marvel/Disney collaboration, we here at MTV News decided that we needed all "Big Hero 6" everything in our lives. What better way to deck out our workspace (and our coworkers) in the season's latest and greatest "Big Hero 6" gear?

See the results below.

Rachel is our Hiro.

Colin Douglas Grey for MTV

Big Hero 6

The friendliest secret identity you'll ever meet.

Kurt wants to know how you feel.

Colin Douglas Grey for MTV

Big Hero 6

On a scale from 1 to 10.

All "Big Hero 6" everything.

Colin Douglas Grey for MTV

Big Hero 6

Yes, everything.

A little Honey Lemon with your tea?


Very soothing.

Woman up with Go-Go.


Woman power, y'all.

A very huggable Baymax

Big Hero 6

For when you need something soft, yet armored. (Buy it!)

Watch tummy movies with your robot.

Big Hero 6

What, like you don't ever need to show video footage out of your tummy?

Defeat your enemies!


When he goes Dark Baymax, he means it.

For when you need to keep someone at arm's length.

Big Hero 6

A projection fist is never not useful. (Buy it!)

For those times you need a mug o' comfort.

Big Hero 6

Baymax is always taking care of you. Even when he's a cup.

A place to store your heroic thoughts.

Big Hero 6

You know you've got 'em.

Everything pictured here, including sheets and more toys featuring the whole team are available at the Disney Store.