Waka Flocka And Girl Talk Jumped Out Of A Plane...WTF?

And that was only the beginning of their adventure.

Apparently Waka Flocka Flame is seriously in need of adventures, and somehow Girl Talk became the guy who wants to show him the world.

Just days after taking the stage at Hangout Festival, the DJ posted a photo of himself and Flocka, fresh off a skydiving expedition, and it's hard to say which one of them looked more thrilled.

Okay, fine -- Waka definitely looked the most excited.

The Atlanta rapper shared a photo of himself in the sky, with the caption, "Just sky dived," while Girl Talk's photo simply shows them basking in the aftermath.

The best part though? This was just their first adventure for the day. According to Girl Talk's caption, their next stop was a driving range.

The two artists have been spending a decent amount of time together, since Waka contributed to Girl Talk and Freeway's collaborative EP Broken Ankles. He appeared on the track "Tolerated," which had a pretty ridiculous video to accompany it.

Their leisure time sessions have also included Waka schooling Girl Talk on the NBA.

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