You Have To See How Many Cat Ears Ariana Grande Brings On Tour

At this point, Ariana Grande's fondness for cat ears is well documented. Most of her Halloween costumes include them in some capacity—girl doesn't play around when it comes to her favorite accessory.

We never realized just how deep her love runs, though, until we saw her latest Honeymoon Diary.

Ariana Grande YouTube

Ariana Grande

The video features Ariana and her tour crew dancing and lip-syncing to "This Is How We Do It," which gives us a sneak peek at what it's like backstage at an Ariana Grande show and, uh, there are so many cat ears. Considering this is backstage, we assume all of these ears—we count 13 pairs—are alllll for Ariana.

Her 2015 Halloween costume is bound to include at least one pair, right? So many options!

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