Shay Mitchell Relived Her 'Pretty Little Liars' Audition And Couldn't Stop Cringing

We're ready for 'The Heiresses' now!

Ah, memories! Shay Mitchell turned to her YouTube channel for something a little different than her usual skits, makeup tutorials, and vacation vlogs. The actress finally posted her Pretty Little Liars audition tape, circa eight years ago, with commentary, and it was just the PLL hit we needed while we wait for The Perfectionists to premiere.

The actual audition kicks off after Mitchell recalls working in a coat check before landing the gig. Cue Mitchell's giggles and cringes around the three-minute mark as she watches her 22-year-old self work through her first on-camera lines as Emily Fields in two scenes from the pilot: Emily running into Aria (the role that would go to Lucy Hale) and Emily meeting her eventual love interest, Maya St. Germain (to be played by Bianca Lawson).

Like anyone watching old tapes of themselves, Mitchell could not get over her outfit choice, makeup, teeth, voice, "thin" eyebrows — the list goes on. (Commenters disagree, with the general consensus being that she is amazing and hasn't aged a minute.)

It wasn't all bad — this audition tape did eventually land her the role — and Mitchell acknowledged that fact by giving herself props for her solid fake cough and for projecting the innocence that would become Emily's signature in the Freeform (née ABC Family) series.

As a bonus, Mitchell also shared a tour of the Los Angeles hotel room where she stayed during her audition, recalling the exact airplane snacks she selected on the flight from Canada to L.A. just as fondly as the day she ate them.

Mitchell's time with the Pretty Little Liars world isn't totally over. The actress is set to star in The Heiresses, a soapy drama based on another book by PLL author Sara Shepard and created by PLL creator I. Marlene King. A release date is still to be announced, so this tape will have to hold us over for a little bit longer.