Kristen Bell As Minimum-Wage Mary Poppins Is Super Cal-Amazing

She can do a lot, but she 'cannot' survive on minimum wage.

Mary Poppins can do near anything: pack an entire kitchen in her purse, fly around on an umbrella and, somehow, make this outfit look like a good idea. But there's one thing she can't do: Survive on the paltry $7.25 minimum wage in 2014.

That's what the charmingly progressive Kristen Bell is here to remind us in her equally charming and progressive "Mary Poppin Quits" sketch on Funny or Die.

It's been five long years since the federal minimum wage was last raised, so the "Veronica Mars" star joined lawmakers and citizens everywhere in a campaign to change that. Her method is, of course, a bit more engaging.

And can we take a moment to acknowledge that Kristen's got a serious set of pipes?

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