Dan Savage Teaches Sex 101 In MTV's 'Savage U'

Sex columnist visits colleges across the country to give advice in the series premiering tonight at 11 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

America's favorite sex-advice columnist, Dan Savage, is taking things to the next level. In addition to his column, Savage Love, and his It Gets Better Project, he's been on the road traveling to college campuses to answer students' questions about sex and romance.

It's all documented in a new series, "Savage U", kicking off tonight on MTV at 11 p.m. ET/PT. He begins at the University of Maryland, where he meets Madelyn, a talkative girl who thinks something's wrong because her boyfriend never seems to want to have as much sex as her.

"A lot of people are curious about what other people are doing and what other people are interested in and the kind of sex other people are having because it helps understand where you fall you in the continuum of human sexuality," Savage recently told MTV News. "Everyone is a little abnormal, and so it is actually good to be different and the sooner you accept your difference the more at peace you will be."

Savage continues to gain popularity. In addition to creating the highly celebrity-endorsed It Gets Better Project, he hosted the [article id="1679622"]"It Gets Better"[/article] special on MTV in February, which explored the lives of three young people overcoming challenges brought on by their sexuality.

In his new series, he hopes to bring awareness in a fun and interesting way to ultimately debunk sex myths. "A lot of young people don't have good sex education. This kind of program, where we are having fun and there are jokes and people are talking about sex and tend to be a little embarrassed, they laugh and it actually helps. It helps people learn to enjoy themselves and laugh along."

It's a feat Savage says is especially important for college students. "People are smart and people are curious, people are interested and people are engaged. Universities are really wonderful environments."

While he certainly helped enlighten the students he spoke to, Savage admits there were a few things he had to learn as well. "At Ohio State, one of the guys on the row team taught me to play beer pong, and that was an experience of a lifetime."

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