The Rap Fan's Guide To Justin Bieber's 'Purpose' Album

From Nas to Travis Scott, JB embraces the rap world (again).

Justin Bieber's new album Purpose is out today and it's got some of your favorite rappers on it. That might not be too surprising to some of you, since JB's actually been embracing hip-hop since he entered the game. I mean, his first huge hit ("Baby") featured Ludacris. Before that, he was rapping along to Tupac with his pops. And this year, he even rapped on Travi$ Scott's Rodeo.

While The Biebs doesn't kick flows on Purpose, he does bring along some MCs for the ride. Here's a look at how JB embraces rap (yet again) on Purpose:

"No Pressure" f. Big Sean

What's This Song About?

In some ways, this cut tells those Ariana Grande love triangle rumors to GT entire FOH, but that's not what it's about. It's really about falling in love, not rushing and definitely not pressuring your love interest (hence the title). Then, Big Sean makes it about "Empire," oral sex, Yoko Ono and "Street Fighter."

Sample Big Sean Bars: "You supposed to be uno/ Yoko Ono/ Oh, no/ Round two again/ We've been fighting more than Ryu and Ken."

Thoughts: That's not round two again, Sean. That would be round three. In any case, this is the third straight Biebs album where Justin and Sean work together. So, this is also round three of that.

"No Sense" f. Travi$ Scott

What's This Song About? This joint is mainly about how nothing makes sense without the person you love -- not even sunsets, if you can imagine.

Sample Travi$ Scott Bars: "Time and time again, I break the plan/ Without you girl, I ain’t the man/ I could never be all I could be/ You overstand/ I’m incomplete.”

Thoughts: These two have crazy chemistry. Straight up.

"We Are" f. Nas

What's This Song About? It's about not wanting to lose the person you love. Also, it's about jealous haters who are trying to break you up. Then, Nas tells you all about a text convo he had with a girl he's much younger than.

Sample Nas Bars: "I'm serious, girl, a much older dude/ A whole 42/ I've accomplished my goals, it's only you."

Thoughts: Bieber was born in 1994, which is when Nas released his classic Illmatic LP. Him being "a whole 42" makes him exactly double JB's age. And you know what? He doesn't sound dated at all on this track. Nas is forever young. There might be a fountain of youth in Queensbridge that no one but Esco and LL Cool J know about.

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