Paris Hilton Settles Lawsuit With Hallmark

Heiress reportedly walks away from 2007 suit with an undisclosed amount of money.

Another week and another [article id="1646803"]legal trial[/article] for Paris Hilton, but this time it's in her favor. The 29-year-old socialite has settled a lawsuit with Hallmark over a greeting card that made use of the heiress' image and the catchphrase "that's hot."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, attorneys for Hilton and Hallmark have reached a settlement and notified a California judge as of last week. Further details haven't been disclosed, but it is reported that the blond bombshell has walked away from the 2007 lawsuit with an undisclosed amount of money.

Hallmark spokeswoman Julie O'Dell originally defended the company against the accusation, saying, "These cards take a satirical look at news and gossip surrounding these public figures, including Paris Hilton, and we do not believe Hallmark has violated any of Ms. Hilton's rights."

Last year, a federal appeals court ruled against the company, refuting their parody claim, and both parties were set to duke it out in court in December.

With its "Paris's First Day as a Waitress" caption, the greeting card is seemingly based on her fish-out-of-water reality show "The Simple Life." The star's face is plastered on a cartoon waitress figure as she serves a meal to a customer that says, "Don't touch that, it's hot." "What's hot?" "That's hot."

Hilton's Hallmark settlement is just another mark in her slew of recent legal tribulations. Just last week, the hotel heiress was [article id="1648399"]denied entrance into Japan[/article] following a [article id="1646803"]guilty plea in her Las Vegas cocaine case[/article].

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