'Teen Wolf' Poll: Is Sparing Stiles' Life Worth The Harm The Nogitsune Will Bring?

For all those in favor of Stiles remaining totally human on "Teen Wolf," you may be SOL. On tonight's episode, we learned that the consummate sidekick has, in fact, been possessed by the Nogitsune, and though Stiles spent his recent days struggling to keep the dark spirit from wreaking havoc on Beacon Hills, the evil entity finally took over and set off a first wave of sparks at the town's hospital.

While in a frenzied half-dream, Stiles hallucinated that he was a prisoner in a basement who only had a riddle-asking, bandaged-faced man as company. Scott rallied the troops to search for his best buddy, and after a tireless manhunt, Agent McCall and his ex-wife found Stiles and brought him to the hospital to be evaluated. During his MRI, however, the Nogitsune emerged, simultaneously submerging Stiles and causing an electrical surge in the building as it snuck out of the room. In the hospital hallway, Kira's mother stopped the spirit and asserted that if she and the Oni weren't able to kill it, she knew who could.

We don't doubt that Stiles' friends will do everything they can to spare his life, but if push comes to shove and the Nogitsune is really as destructive as Kira's mom believes, would eliminating Stiles need to be considered in order to save countless others? Sound off in our poll!

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